Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Last time, this time...

For ease of reference, five years ago here in Bracknell:

Andrew MacKay, Conservative: 49.7%
Janet Keene, Labour: 26.2%
Lee Glendon, LibDem: 19.8%
Vincent Pearson, UKIP: 3.6%
Dominica Roberts, Independent (formerly ProLife Allowance): 0.8%

I get on very well with Andrew, but he's not running this year. In fact all of our candidates this time round are people who haven't candidated here before.

Candidates this year are as follows:

Mark Burke, BNP
Phillip Lee, Conservative
David Young, Green
John Piasecki, Labour
Ray Earwicker, LibDem
Dan Haycocks, Scrap Members Allowances
Murray Barter, UKIP

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