Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Last time, this time -- result

For ease of reference, five years ago here in Bracknell:

Andrew MacKay, Conservative: 49.7%
Janet Keene, Labour: 26.2%
Lee Glendon, LibDem: 19.8%
Vincent Pearson, UKIP: 3.6%
Dominica Roberts, Independent (formerly ProLife Allowance): 0.8%

This time:

Mark Burke, BNP: 2.4%
Phillip Lee, Conservative: 52.4%
David Young, Green: 1.6%
John Piasecki, Labour: 16.8%
Ray Earwicker, LibDem: 22.3%
Dan Haycocks, Scrap Members Allowances: 0.1%
Murray Barter, UKIP: 4.4%

That's a big swing away from Labour, chiefly towards the Lib Dems and slightly towards the Conservatives.

Wonder if I get to meet Phillip before I move away?

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