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Receiving spam... - Songs of innocence and of experience — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Douglas Spencer

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Receiving spam... [Jun. 10th, 2010|08:34 am]
Douglas Spencer
I'm currently [mainly] receiving spam to just two addresses that are in current use.

Hopeful emails from potential mail-order brides in Russia arrive for dnsadmin@ -- an address which appears in the whois record for my various domains, a favourite route for people harvesting addresses for spam address books. I'm not terribly fussed about this -- it's entirely expected, and legitimate emails for dnsadmin@ will only come from my registrar so it's very easy to filter the others.

Poorly-worded dodgy-link-laden adverts for techie toys arrive for fandom@ -- the usual address I use when signing up for conventions. So possibly someone administering a membership list or managing a programme suffers from leaky security, or possibly someone's included that address in a CC: which has gone additionally to some third party with a compromised system. They're also very easy to filter, but I'm really very disappointed indeed about this -- it's very likely that this happened because someone did something careless.

[User Picture]From: mattp
2010-06-10 09:23 am (UTC)
For the plethora of sites/lists that I sign up to, I use a dedicated address for each. I've created a subdomains of sites.xxx.com (I wish I did own xxx.com ;-)

I use a subdomains in order to cut down on spam received due to address bombing (as I still use wildcard matching).

The best bit is that if I receive spam to a certain address then I can blacklist the site in question, knowing who was responsible for passing my address on. I've only once had a company call me up asking me a question about my email address - thankfully guy was quite intrigued to be told of my anti-spam techniques.
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[User Picture]From: dougs
2010-06-10 09:26 am (UTC)
I don't use subdomains, but then i don't use wildcards either. And after (for example) "fotopic@" and "fotopic2@" were compromised in succession, I deleted that account and never use the site again.
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