Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Party! Final instructions

Remember this party invitation?

Well, it's this Saturday, and it's time for final instructions!

Arrive any time from mid-afternoon onwards. Bring something to barbecue and something to drink, but be prepared to eat/drink someone else's if someone else eats/drinks yours. We're providing salads, sauces, starches, chocolate fountain, cheese, desserts and so on -- but we're relying on people bringing meat and booze. The theme of the party is "crap superheroes" -- so make an outfit and practice your catchphrase, if you're so minded.

Click on the "location" field to find the house, or put "51.4101,-0.7623" into your device-of-choice.

When you come into Fountains Garth take the first left and find somewhere to park. Walk into the square and head for the right-hand corner and look for the front door bearing a blue bird worked in stained glass, number 51.

If you're staying in the very-local hotel "Bracknell (Twin Bridges)" and you need walking instructions, then comment here. If you're in one of the other Bracknell hotels then you may prefer a cab. The station (between Reading and London Waterloo) is about 12-15 minutes walk for a fit person.

There's still some limited provision for crash space, if you're hardy and/or patient.

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