Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

NZ/OZ 2010 part 1 -- flying out

We asked for a cab for 17:10 on Friday 6th August. It actually arrived about ten minutes earlier, but he was happy to wait. We loaded two giant suitcases and two hand-baggage things into the cab and thence, via a train and a bus, made our way to LHR terminal three, arriving not long before 19:00 in good time for a complete failure of the self-check-in system and a little bit of manual processing and a 22:15 flight.

We got to the gate and onto the plane in good time. But it seems that there was a plane broken down immediately to our rear and we couldn't leave the gate for a further twenty minutes, and as a result we missed our take-off slot and finally took to the air about an hour late. I'm really not a fan of take-offs at the best of times, and the delay did me no favours at all. However, we were on our way, so hurrah.

It's about eleven hours to Bangkok, where we had a couple of hours tramping through transfer lounges to rejoin the same plane and a further eight hours or so to Sydney. Three hours to refuel with coffee and muffins followed, before joining another smaller plane for the four-hour flight to Auckland and a cab ride to our hotel, the Mercure Auckland, which we reached in mid-late afternoon on Sunday around 36 hours after leaving home.
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