Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

NZ/OZ 2010 part 2 -- Auckland

Our hotel was only a very short distance from the docks, from local shops, and from the excellent tourist information centre "i-Site". We found evening dinner in an Italian restaurant in the Queen Street mall, Monday morning breakfast in MacDonalds (because nothing else acceptable was open), followed by second breakfast in Esquires coffee shop because they had Internet and it was raining, and then an extended visit to the i-Site to organise our travel and accommodation for the ensuing few days. After lunch in a sushi bar, we took a big long walk through The Domain, a local hilltop parkland. We skipped dinner on Monday night because we were cold and tired. In the morning we had to get across to the local bus station for an 08:30 bus to head into the Northland.
Tags: nzoz2010

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