Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

How Bonner transported this jolly old geek

My day today started with a knock on the door, and when I answered the chap outside said "Hello, my name's Julian and this is my friend David, we're from Bonner Removals". I could not make this up.

I'd spent the preceding few days -- including the previous night until about 4am -- at the Bracknell house putting stuff into boxes, boxes which had been delivered about a week earlier. These two guys then got all the boxes, plus two sofas, two dining tables, a coffee table, a huge double bed (dismantled), a load of other things, and one very large and heavy traditional wooden chest of drawers, out of the house and into the lorry. The chest of drawers I've spent the last several weeks firstly trying to sell, and subsequently to give away via Freegle, with no success at all, and so Bonner were going to dispose of it as part of the moving contract.

They've now unloaded most of it into Julia's garage, with a number of boxes going into her attic or kitchen. And they've carefully refrained from unloading the big chest of drawers -- they think that one of the guys at their yard will have it.

Getting a houseful of stuff out of a house, into a lorry, and unloaded again at the other end is a hazardous venture. I was more-or-less convinced there would be casualties. Well, everything was unloaded intact at the Sheffield end, which was a major achievement. And then the barbecue was dinged by the garage door when it was being closed, d'oh. But with that very minor imperfection, the whole project has proceeded just as I would wish, and I'm very pleased to have chosen them to do the work.

(These are the people who moved Julia's father last year, a rather larger amount of stuff over a much smaller distance, and they did a really good job there, which is what prompted me to choose them for my move)

This now means that any address you may have for me which doesn't include the word "Sheffield" is now definitely incorrect, and should be discarded.

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