Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

The tooth, the whole tooth, and nothing but the tooth.

So having had twenty-seven teeth for something like twenty years until about three years ago, and twenty-six since then ...

    May 26th, 09:40: Visit to dentist, for the six-monthly checkup.

    Andrew (for it is he): "Any problems?"
    Me: "Well, there's a little bit of gum inflamation just here" *points* "otherwise things seem to be fine."
    Andrew: *looks* "Well, here's some stuff to use, so have a go with that and I'll see you in a couple of weeks."

    June 9th, 11:50: Followup visit to dentist.

    Andrew: "How's it been?"
    Me: "Seems to be much better."
    Andrew: *looks* "So it does. Well done. See you in six months."

    June 9th, 15:30: I blame the porky scratchings.

    Me: *chomp* *chomp* *chomp* *ow*
    Me: *feels* *looks* "Ah. Oh."
    Dentist's receptionist: "Come and see us next Tuesday."

    June 14th, 12:00: Another visit to the dentist.

    Andrew: "Ah, I wondered if it was you again."
    Andrew: *looks*
    Andrew: "Is this the place we were talking about last week?"
    Me: "It is."
    *Andrew and I discuss what to do*
    Andrew: *pulls out remainder of broken tooth*
    Andrew: "See you in six months."

So now I'm down to only twenty-five teeth. I hope it's a good long time before I have to count again.

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