Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Home Delivery Network Limited, masquerading as "Yodel".

Julia and I are sat at home this morning. In quick succession a postcard comes in through the front door saying "we missed you today when we called to deliver, we have left your parcels for you to collect from a safe place (back door)", and then our parcel sails over our back fence and crashes onto the ground outside our back door.

The postcard is branded with the name "Yodel", a trading style of Home Delivery Network Limited (HDNL), and bears an 0871 (premium rate) phone number for inquiries. It's trivially easy to find an 0800 (free) number for them online -- 08001577777. It's also trivially easy to find the the name and email address of their managing director.

I phoned HDNL on the 0800 number, waited without pressing any buttons through the automated menus until I could talk to an operator, who proved to be very helpful.

We've agreed the following:
  • HDNL has confirmed that this mode of delivery is not regarded as acceptable, and is not consistent with HDNL policy.
  • The call has been recorded on their system as a formal complaint.
  • I've confirmed that I haven't examined the contents of the parcel, and do not propose to do so until I've received a formal apology in writing from HDNL.
  • The driver will be interviewed by his/her manager when he/she gets back from his round.
  • HDNL will contact the retailer and explain what's happened, and invite them to contact us to discuss a replacement or refund.
  • I've received a postal address through which I can take the complaint further if I'm not satisfied.

In related news, I run a small business. I am now firmly resolved never to appoint Home Delivery Network or any company related to them to do any of my deliveries, unless and until I'm assured that this sort of thing really is an isolated incident and that there are mechanisms in place which mean I can rely on them not doing this sort of thing to any of my goods.

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