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Literary criticism

I referred someone to one of my stories.
He emailed me back with some comments and it did my ego a whole load of good.
It's a self-selecting sample space, but I don't care.

This is what he said:

> I do, however, write stories.
No joke. Wholley crap, that might have been one of the most
imaginative erotic stories I've run into so far. You go all out with
your creativity and visualization with these, don't you? Man, some
people take the whole "magic" genre for granted and hold back, not
changing much from the old meat and potatos. But this, now this is
All that with perfect spelling and grammer, along with a sense of
pacing and build! I think I founds me a new bizarre writings hero.
Never got much into that genre before, but with material like yours,
I just might stick with it.

So now I'm a new bizarre writings hero with perfect spelling and grammer[sic].
All I need is a publisher and a huge advance, and I'm sorted.

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