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Charlie on 9/11 - Songs of innocence and of experience — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Douglas Spencer

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Charlie on 9/11 [Sep. 9th, 2011|09:36 pm]
Douglas Spencer
Charles Stross writes as follows:
    I'm going to turn the TV off on September 11th. And close all the web browser tabs I have open on news sites.

    This isn't to belittle the events of ten years ago, or to show disrespect for the victims and their bereaved: rather, it's to avoid the narcissistic and indecent media feeding frenzy that battens onto popular sentiment and attempts to jerk every tear from the emotional aftermath of tragedy, the better to milk the advertising revenue stream.

    If the media really wanted to mark the occasion respectfully, they'd do so by holding a minutes' silence at 8:46am EST this Sunday.

I'm inclined to agree.

[User Picture]From: katiemariie
2011-09-10 06:47 am (UTC)
Agreed. I've been avoiding 9/11 coverage as much as I can due to the nationalist rhetoric that tends to villianize the vast majority of Americans. I think it's a somewhat eerie how every media platform on Sunday will be covering 9/11 in retrospect, when on the actual day and the days preceding it every channel was doing the same thing. Where I lived, there was one radio station and perhaps two television channels (the children's cartoon networks) that had their regular programming--everything else was broadcasting news on the attacks and showing the towers fall roughly every five minutes. These retrospectives seem to trivialize how frightened so many people were, gathered around their TVs with their families, hoping for more news on what was going on, were the jets crisscrossing the skies going to keep us safe, are my friends alive, will I have to go to war. But, now, on these 10th anniversary specials, we won't be getting any new information--just the same jingoism that tore the country apart, started two wars, and had members of Congress trying to figure out how to put Muslim and Arab-Americans into camps, like what we did to Japanese-Americans during WWII.
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