Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Stag Do Number 1, Saturday 14th -- instructions

The time is rolling around for stag do number 1, an afternoon of beer in Sheffield, so here are your instructions.

We'll meet at The Sheffield Tap, the pub that's built into Sheffield Station, at around 11am. There will be beer -- they have a wide and varied assortment -- and we'll be there for something approaching an hour. After that we'll be heading off on the tram towards The Hillsborough Hotel for lunch.

After lunch we'll be passing through various real ale pubs in the surrounding area under the excellent instructional guidance of Mr K. You can watch our progress at (that's "dougs" spelt backwards), or text me for more detailed instructions if you're trying to catch up with us.

In the evening we will be seeking out an Indian restaurant before we all regain the tram network and stumble off to our various beds. And no-one will get sellotaped naked to a lamp-post (except Steve, if he really insists).

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