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I filled in a Feedback Form on a shop's website - Songs of innocence and of experience [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Douglas Spencer

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I filled in a Feedback Form on a shop's website [Oct. 16th, 2012|03:18 pm]
Douglas Spencer
I filled in a Feedback Form on a shop's website as follows:

    My dear coffee vendors, what a pleasure it is to find a feedback form on your website.

    As you're aware, you supply coffee in a take-away cup, a cardboard cup with a moulded plastic lid, in common with other competing coffee shops.

    The moulded plastic lid has a hole to let the coffee out, and another rather smaller hole to let the air in. This second smaller hole is vital to the normal function of the cup, namely to deliver coffee to the mouth of the person drinking it.

    In recent days, there's been a circular sticky label on the top of the lid, bearing a cheery marketing message.

    However, this sticky lable always blocks the air hole in the lid. So in order to drink the coffee, the customer has to peel the sticky label off, or remove the lid. I could find somewhere to put down all the things I'm carrying in my other hand in order to free both hands so that I can remove this blindingly stupid label, and then pick everything up again before I proceed upon my weary way.

    Alternatively, I could find a competing outlet at which to buy my coffee -- there's plenty of choice within a few yards of your outlet at Crystal Peaks -- and be given a coffee which I can drink without having to perform this entirely uneccessary extra action.

    So I have three questions:
    1. Was there any involvement, during the formulation of this marketing campaign, of anyone who drinks coffee from a takeaway cup and understands how the lid is supposed to work? Was the act of drinking from a cup/lid/sticker combination ever tested?
    2. Are the staff at your outlets permitted any variation in how they deliver coffee in a takeaway cup to the customer? Can I, for example, request that my coffee is given to me with a lid that bears no sticker?
    3. How long before these stickers go away?

    I anticipate your reply eagerly. More eagerly than, say, having to peel another of these labels off another of your lids.

    Many thanks in advance


We'll see what happens.

[User Picture]From: dougs
2012-10-16 02:19 pm (UTC)
Web form says "Thank you for submitting your details. If you've requested a response, we'll endeavor to get back to you within the next seven days."
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[User Picture]From: darth_tigger
2012-10-16 02:36 pm (UTC)
Fingers crossed you'll get something other than totally irrelevant cut&paste.
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[User Picture]From: helenex
2012-10-16 03:26 pm (UTC)
I had a conversation in my local chippie last night that went something like this:

"You have a rather splendid website that tells customers all sorts of things about your menu, the owners, and indeed the sustainability of your fish and that all your potatoes are grown locally. However, it doesn't have your opening times anywhere on the website"
"Oh, we are open Monday - Saturday 11.30am - 10pm"
"Yes, I know that now - it says so on the front door. But don't you think it would be a useful thing to have on your website?"

I'll not take your bets on the likelihood of that changing any time soon...
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[User Picture]From: veronica_milvus
2012-10-16 03:42 pm (UTC)
Was it by any chance Costa? I was in there last night and there were stickers, and indeed badges for all the staff, stating "I was made for loving you". I thought, that's going to really help with sexual harassment at work, not.
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[User Picture]From: dougs
2012-10-16 05:27 pm (UTC)
That's what the sticker on today's coffee says -- but other slogans making reference to love have appeared on previous days. There is, I'm sure, a debate to be had about whether the slogans are helpful -- but whatever their content, I think a way of deploying them which didn't disable the cup could have been found.
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[User Picture]From: pisica
2012-10-17 06:10 am (UTC)

The Husband realized a few weeks ago that even though Costa is on the way to work, they make a subpar mocha so he now detours back to Starbucks. Thus I have missed these lovely stickers and await a response to the original email with interest.
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