Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

HSBC generating useless unwanted bits of paper.

A few years ago, those clever chaps at HSBC gave me the option of no longer receiving paper statements in the post for the business account, instead relying on just the PDFs from the website, so that they could save the planet, save a few bob, and make life easier for people like me who can't be doing with the tedious business of moving bits of paper about.

All well and good.

I don't, therefore, get bank statements from them in the post. However, they still send me, on paper, in the post, every month, a breakdown of all the bank charges and fees that they levy against the account -- information which appears on those PDF statements I can get off the website.

Today, I received this month's mailing -- two A4 sheets of paper in an A5 envelope detailing, on a single line, bank charges accumulated during July of £1.16. I get something similar every month.

I'm glad I'm not an HSBC shareholder.

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