Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Free stuff!

Julia and I have a new food processor, which means we are retiring the one we inherited from Julia's mother.
The old food processor (Moulinex Masterchef type 663) comprises a big solid electric motor/gearbox unit, a bowl that sits on top of it, a lid for the bowl that has one of those cunning holes in it with a plunger, for feeding bits of food in, and a small handful of rotating knives and so forth to cut up, shred, mix, and generally molest the said bits of food.

One only, very old, no warranty, no manual but we can show you how to use it. "What condition is it in?" -- "it's in free condition". Does anyone want it? Free if you make it easy for us to hand it over. Non-Sheffield types might have to wait until a convenient point, Sheffield types might get it a bit sooner.

Edit: Looks like we have a taker over on FB. Didn't take long.

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