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Support request to Network Solutions, submitted via their help-and-support online systems - Songs of innocence and of experience [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Douglas Spencer

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Support request to Network Solutions, submitted via their help-and-support online systems [Feb. 11th, 2014|11:38 pm]
Douglas Spencer
This is a complaint: It should be fielded and handled as such.

I have several domains in the .UK space.
The UK Registrar, Nominet UK, has a period of six months before a .UK domain expires, during which you can send them a renewal request.

And yet the renewal request for the domain "dougs.org.uk" will not be actioned until fifteen days AFTER it expires.

This is more-or-less the definition of not-fit-for-purpose in a registrar.

THEREFORE this is a complaint about your handling of the renewal of the domain "dougs.org.uk", and specifically about the fact that, in general, you don't renew the domain with the national registrar until fifteen days after it expires.

Please explain to me on what planet this is considered acceptable behaviour, and on what basis I should consider you as fit-for-purpose to host any of my (multiple) other country-specific-TLD domains.

Please further explain to me what steps you will make to repair the God-awful provisions you have in place for hosting .UK domains in time for the next occasion when I have a .UK domain hosted with yourselves which is about to expire with the national registry.

Be aware that this issue won't go away, and I'll be rigorously checking your progress in the latter part of July when, without doubt, the fact that I've chosen you as my registrar will return to bite me in the arse once more.

Customer Service 101: Treat your customers in such a way that they aren't trained to fear or despise you.

Please keep me up-to-date with your progress repairing this systemic mismanagement.

Thanks in advance...

[User Picture]From: dougs
2014-02-12 04:59 pm (UTC)

Followup post:

I'd like this complaint to be treated as a formal complaint which needs addressing by someone with political clout within Network Solutions.

- I wonder why it's seemingly policy to leave domains until they expire with the UK national registry before you attempt to renew;- I wonder why it takes you three days to do so when there's (allegedly) a 24-hour turnaround;
- I wonder why I was told that it's practice to wait until the domain has been expired for fifteen days before you attempt to renew
-- in all cases when the UK national registry makes provision to handle renewal requests BEFORE the domain expires.

I have two further UK domains which are registered with you until July 2016 but which the UK registry list as expiring in July 2014. I do not (currently) trust Network Solutions to handle the renewal competently; it's up to you to persuade me that your policies and systems have been suitably modified before these domains expire at the national registry.

You must be sure to address all of these concerns before you mark support request 1-730158812 as resolved.
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