Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Twenty-four tweets to Network Solutions

I've just posted the following tweets to @sguod:

Apologies in advance to users who aren't interested in the next twenty-four tweets -- feel free to fast-forward as required.
(01/24) I think it's fair not to leave Twitter users with an incomplete picture of my dealings with Network Solutions, my domain registrar.
(02/24) Since my domain expiry took place in public view (WHOIS records are world-readable), the reasons why should be in public view too.
(03/24) For those who have been following my interactions with @netsolcares here over the past few days, this is the current position:
(04/24) I've just had a long telephone conversation with Kathleen Hearity from Network Solutions, where the situation was discussed.
(05/24) She's in the CEO's office at Network Solutions, where (amongst other things) she works closely with their social media team.
(06/24) She has confirmed that Network Solution's practice with country-specific domains is to let them expire BEFORE they submit a renewal.
(07/24) She has confirmed that this is policy, the result of a deliberate considered decision -- and she does not think that it will change.
(08/24) I suggested that when a domain name registered with them far into the future, they should ensure that it does not expire;
(09/24) I suggested that the policy might prompt an independent observer to conclude that Network Solutions was not fit to be a registrar.
(10/24) Her response, almost word-for-word, was that I was at liberty to take my business elsewhere and her team could help that to happen.
(11/24) I echoed her position as I've quoted it here back to her, and she confirmed that I'd understood her position correctly.
(12/24) I then asked her about the formal complaint which I'd submitted (as instructed by her twitter team) via the online support system.
(13/24) I asked why it had been deleted from the support tracking system; she said that this was a deliberate act by the executive office.
(14/24) I reminded her that a customer could take a view about having their complaint simply deleted from the system; She agreed.
(15/24) Finally I asked her about the conflicting statements made to me by the twitter team; I wondered whether they were ill-informed,
(16/24) whether they had replied to me without checking first, or whether they had deliberately been misleading me for some reason.
(17/24) She said she'd find out, discover where they'd failed, and take the necessary management steps to improve things.
(18/24) The entire conversation was civil and (except for the rigid holding to the let-it-expire-first policy) was also productive.
(19/24) She assured me that she'd make sure that my feedback would make its way through to all the appropriate people.
(20/24) We thanked each other for making the time for the call, and I wished her good luck in improving their processes in the future.
(21/24) She refused to undertake to keep me up-to-date with any progress they might make fixing the issued I'd hoped to help them with.
(22/24) I have a couple of .UK domains registered with them until 2016 which the UK registry show as expiring on 20th July 2014.
(23/24) I shall keep a very close eye on that expiry date as it approaches, as it passes, as-and-if it gets updated to reflect my contract.
(24/24) I remain happy -- nay, eager -- to assist Network Solutions as they try to repair their policy, their processes, their support.
That's it; Sorry to non-DNS-wallahs for flooding your timeline.

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