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I wrote this on December 2nd. It just keeps getting more current.

If I had time enough, and cash to spare,
I'd buy up all the finest food and wine,
I'd build myself a castle in the air,
Invite the wisest people round to dine.

The greatest thinkers, gathered to decide
Those things which fool the man upon the street,
To plan how those great thoughts would be applied
To set the world beneath us on its feet.

We'd have no need of presidents or war,
Equality and peace would be in sight,
And all the folk down there could be quite sure
The thinkers in the sky had got it right.

Alas, it can't be done. I'll stay down here
And drown my dream in burgers, chips and beer.

Castles in the air, bleeding useless all of them.

moominmuppet says "My apathy is Bush's victory, and I'm doing my best not to give it to him."
I don't know if writing this helps. Seems to me that Bush'n'Blair would just ignore the thinkers anyway.

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