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Another meme

Person that introduced you to LJ?
hawkida, with help from swisstone, ang_grrr and others.

Still friends with this person?
These people. Yes.

Who have you introduced to Live Journal?
coxtrill, deferenz, del_c, fattyc, garnettrees, hddod, katiemariie, scarlatti, and some codes used for second journals, cardboards, communities and so on. There are others who I've introduced to LJ but got their codes elsewhere.

List everyone on your friends list you have met in person:
adela_terrell, adelheid, alexmc, anas_quackers, ang_grrr, anonymousbear, beermat, bohemiancoast, brisingamen, bugshaw, cerrabear, collyer, coxtrill, daemongirl, daveon, deferenz, del_c, drpete, drplokta, fattyc, fishlifter, flick, peteyoung, frostfox, girl_thing, green_amber, grytpype_thynne, gummitch, hawkida, hddod, jamesb, kjersti, ladymoonray, latexiron, lproven, major_clanger, malwen, miramon, molesworth, munquie, nolley, pmcmurray, purplecthulhu, replyhazy, reverendjim, robthefish, sand_l, sbisson, missfairchild, freddietrumper, suaveswede, swisstone, tag_boy, tamaranth, tedward_bear, the_maenad, the_magician, tobesv, top_kat, ursinehenry, wag_9393 and whotheheckami.

List everyone on your friends list you've not met BUT with whom you've spoken on the phone:
None. I'm not the great user-of-telephones that some people who've done this meme seem to be.

Anyone on LJ you can't stand?
Not that I can think of.

Name one person on your friends list you would most like to meet:
Amongst those I've never met? If I say scarlatti she'll get far too excited. But I think that would be very ... umm ... interesting.
There's an ocean in the way too.

Last person you added?
Ah, I can't remember stuff like that. Leaving aside communities or second journals for people I'd added already? probably chazza.

Ever banned someone from commenting in your journal?
No. Nor will I, as a matter of policy.

Biggest pet peeve about LJ?
Those persistent rumours about the forthcoming abandonment of the "codes" system -- I hope it doesn't happen.

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