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Alphabet Meme.

I've configured my routers, and now there's nothing to do until BT make the line go live.

Therefore, it's meme time again. Seen in too many journals to refer to individually.

A - Act your age?
It depends what it's about. Sometimes. Often, maybe. But sometimes I'm a big kid and other people have to act grown-up.

B - Born on what day of the week?
Monday. Early in the morning. Evidently I interrupted church the preceding evening.

C - Chore you hate?
Paperwork. It gets done much too late to be useful, if at all.

D - Dad's name?
Derek Joseph Spencer. Disappeared mid-1984, I think I've met him about three times since, each time by accident, and each time we were both anxious to escape from each other's company as swiftly as we could manage.

E - Essential makeup item?
I don't wear make-up. Unless I'm on stage, in which case it's whatever Wardrobe tell me.

F - Favorite actor?
Roger Lloyd Pack, the master of the greatest dead-pan baffled face I've ever seen.

G - Gold or silver?

H - Hometown?

I - Instruments you play?
Piano, just barely well enough to be pressed into it when a real pianist doesn't show off. By preference I'll sing, using the piano just to give me an opening chord.

J - Job title?
Network Engineer. I muck around with routers, firewalls and mail forwarders.

K - Kids?
None of my own. I can cope once they're old enough to have some conversation, to answer back, to demand "why". Those small pink machines for turning milk into toxic waste are horrible.

L - Living arrangements?
Three-bedroom terraced house, shared with the stepson.

M - Mother's name?
Julia Margaret Spencer. Preacher in the United Reformed Church in North Devon.

N - Number of people you've slept with?
The answer to the question you wanted to ask is three, although with the first two there was never any actual sleeping taking place.

O - Overnight hospital stays?
Three times. Once with tonsils, at the age of about four. Twice with haemangiomae in the ring finger of my right hand, where it joins the palm. In addition I slept overnight at the hospital between the 3rd and 5th of September 2001, for reasons left as an exercise for the reader.

P - Phobia?
In my youth, Dogs.

Q - Quote you like?
"consider a spherical cow"

R - Religious affiliation?
Christian. I resist picking a denomination, although my current church is shared URC/CofE

S - Siblings?
Three brothers. Richard (one leg), John (six foot four), Me (...ummm...), Peter (mainframe geek)

T - Time you wake up?
6:00. 6:05, 6:10, 6:15, 7:23 SHIT!

U - Unique habit?
I'm sure all my weirdnessess are found in at least one other person on the planet. It's the peculiar combination which makes me special.

V - Vegetable you refuse to eat?
Raw tomato.

W- Worst habit?
See "Chore you hate" above. I pile it up rather than getting on with it, and the pile stares accusingly at me when I walk past.

X - X-rays you've had?
Not that I recall. I don't sustain the sort of injury which might get mistaken for a break.

Y - Yummy food you make?
No-one I've met can produce pork crackling like mine. It's superb.

Z - Zodiac Sign?
I can never remember, and always have to look it up if anyone asks. 27th September.

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