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Unfamiliar situation.

I just don't know the chatiquette.

(Filtered not to include the whole friends list. I mean it. If you don't like reading this sort of stuff, let me know and I'll remove you from the filter.)

I've now had my second longish chat session (only two and a half hours this time), and I need to know how many of these sessions I should have been through with someone before I ...

... Mention that in fact, yes, I do seem to know about ... er ... that sort of stuff?

... Link to a poem I wrote about someone being ashamed of how mild their fetish is?

... Describe how my shoulder injury happened, and use expressions like "It's the only time I've ever safeworded"?

... and then say things like "But otherwise, it's just been some rope burns, a couple of times when a beating has actually broken skin, minor stuff like that"?

... or things like "I know a couple of people who've broken bones or lost teeth while they've been playing"?

... Give her the link to the first time fingernails were mentioned on LJ, and talk about the importance of correct diet in the preceding 24 hours?

... and then say "If you build to it gradually, get the headspace right first, it's surprising how much you can take"?

And then there was that joke about having a wide circle of friends ...

Strangely, she seems to find me fascinating.
And we were supposed to be talking about her ...

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