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Discipline and the Instant Messenger user

Well, I had another chat session last night.
Usually (usually! Just four nights so far, and I'm using words like "usually"!) it's about two and a half or three hours.
Last night was only fifty minutes.

We talked about my perplexity at the whole chat situation, the fact that I seemed to be sharing there even more openly than I do here on LJ.
We talked about inability to concentrate at work, either because of lack of sleep or because we were ... thinking about things.
We talked about time-limiting the conversation we were in the middle of, to save my poor sleep patterns from total chaos.
I mentioned the fact that the stepson had spotted the silly grin I was wearing.
We talked about poetry, and lyrics, and music, and acting.
We spotted the time, reminded each other about not overdoing it, and had a conversation about discipline.
I told her that if she was interested in learning about discipline I could refer her to some further reading.
And then we said goodbye.

She used a lot more smileys than she did the other night.


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