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Eh? -- part two

Well, that was unremarkable and not exciting at all.

"Ah, Mr Spencer."
    "Good morning, Doctor."
"And how are we today?"
    "I'm fine. Good, in fact."
"Well, what are you doing here, then?"
    "I'm here to sweet-talk you into referring me to an audiologist."
"Ah. You are having trouble with your hearing?"
    "Other people are having trouble with my hearing. They say I'm not listening, or they get confused when I misinterpret what they say. I thought I'd get it checked out."
"And how long have you been thinking about this?"
    "Oh, about fifteen years."
"Ah. If you fill in part B of this form, we'll send it off and in a couple of months the hospital will send you an appointment."

See -- this kind of total lack of excitement is a good thing.

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