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Yikes and double-yikes!

As if it wasn't enough to have Craig Jones from California drawing illustrations for one of my stories, now Pablo Marmol from Argentina is writing fiction based on some of my pictures!
Now they both keep emailing me seeking further advice, and I'm just too busy to help them out.
Typical message from Craig:
Back to bowling. Save the attached baby over the previous character design doo-hickey and hook me up with the judging results. I think I completely forgot what a latina's skintone was.
Typical message from Pablo:
Well, I use to write a plan of a story before writing it, so I'll think some ideas and I'll send them to you, just to check if we are tuning in the same frequency, I'll try to do the heavy work by myself.
So now I'm a coach, and a critic, as well as a muse. Waaaaah!

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