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Songs of innocence and of experience

Fair and Balanced

Douglas Spencer
27 September 1965
Don't pass my contact details on to Plaxo.
If you use Plaxo to store your address book, please remove my name and any email addresses you have for me.
20th October 2005: Just got an email from plaxoprivacyguy, who is paid by Plaxo to trawl the web and find paragraphs like the one above and browbeat people into agreeing that Plaxo is safe. He obviously forgot that he's attempted it before (Feb 2005), and I suggest that next time he happens across this page, he goes to read our previous interactions and refrains from contacting me again.
    He's like fire and ice and rage.
    He's like the night, and the storm in the heart of the sun.
    He's ancient and forever.
    He burns at the center of time and he can see the turn of the universe.

    And he's wonderful.
I'm middle-aged. I'm overweight. I'm British. I'm male. I'm a geek. I'm an SF fan, and a fan of SF fandom. I'm a poet and a slash writer. I'm a Christian. I'm a Conservative. I'm a Freemason. I'm a pervert.

Professionally, I'm a freelance computer network systems engineer, with a peculiar fondness for firewalls and mail servers. I've recently helped design and build an information security management system and a business continuity solution for small and medium businesses, and we're looking for new clients. If you want to consult me about either of those, about sorting out your computer problems or rebuilding your network infrastructure, then give me a shout and I'll see what I can do -- particularly if you're within easy reach of Sheffield. See LinkedIn.

Socially, I'm primarily part of SF Fandom in Britain, particularly in Sheffield and sometimes further afield. I routinely attend Eastercon, Novacon, and assorted small fun conventions. I've been know to occasionally participate in some conrunning. I have been on the committee of ZZ9 Plural Z Alpha, the official Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy fan club. Join up while you still have the chance.

Additionally I'm a Christian, very interested in ecumenism and when we decide where in Sheffield we're going to be living, I'll be looking out a suitable local church. I'd normally be at home in the United Reformed Church or the Methodist Church, but I'm frequently found participating in things that the Church of England and the Roman Catholics are doing. I take an interest in LGCM and CTE.

I was involved in the Conservative Party, and might be again one day if I find a local branch which isn't full of complete arses.

I'm also involved in Freemasonry: Craft, Royal Arch, and Rose Croix.

You can infer more about me by looking at the list of my interests, and by looking at the communities of which I'm a member. I'm a moderator for _out_of_context, doctorwho, obscene_filkers and towel_fu.

Personally -- I'm now engaged to julia_winolj, and we're getting married early in May 2012. Which isn't bad, seeing as I've known her since mid-1992 and took until mid-2007 before I started going out with her.

What some people have said about me:
  • scarlatti says Well, for a start, you're totally wonderful and brilliant and gorgeous and talented...but then again, I may be just the tiniest bit biased in this area.
  • gummitch says Some people are just better subjects than others. Your dougs is really quite photogenic.
  • katiemariie says You're possibly the most melodramatic person ever. You write an excellent angsty-Hawkeye-in-poem. You look like a young Santa Claus.
  • ang_grrr says He's naughty, but I like him.
  • fattyc calls me A pie-eating monster.
  • purple_peril enjoys Experiencing the Amazing Vibrating dougs.
  • moira_mae says Do you think dougs is hot? Yes, in a I-barely-know-him-and-I'm-in-a-committed-relationship-but-he's-a-nice-person-and-a-geek-and-seems-to-have-a-good-sense-of-humour-and-those-are-big-turn-ons-for-me kind of a way. I'd like to get to know him better.
  • hawkida says If anyone had described Doug to me as a Christian Freemason with a penchant for most things pervy and a knack for bad puns I probably wouldn't have particularly wanted to get to know him. I'm glad nobody did.
  • seph_hazard says Darling, your powers of Wrong never cease to amaze me.
  • johncoxon thinks I'm evidently awesome at extreme levels.
  • the_mendicant says I'd do dougs for Tupperware.

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